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STDs are treatable, get tested to stay safe!

 sexually transmitted diseases. They are caused by the transmission of infection from one to another. STDs are mostly transmitted by sexual contact like vaginal, oral, anal, or even intimate physical touching in some STDs.


We refer to sexually transmitted diseases as STDs or venereal diseases. As I mentioned above they can transmit by intercourse, genital touching, and all other forms of sexual contact and sharing of body fluids, or even skin to skin in some cases. 


you may think who is at the most risk of getting STDs? mainly sexually active people. STDs are all over the world, caused by STIs or in a similar way to infections that cause sexually transmitted diseases.

How did the STDs transmit? 

STDs transmit mostly by sexual activity. We also should consider blood-to-blood ways of getting infected. blood-to-blood mode of transmission may happen in:

  • People who are consuming drugs are sharing syringes and equipment.
  • needles used in tattooing could be a source of infection.
  • In case of pregnancy, STDs could transmit from a pregnant female to her baby in any trimester. according to the type of infection.
  • During labor may the STIs be transmitted to the baby.
  • Also, we should consider the chance of passing the infection to the baby during breastfeeding.

What are the causes of STDs?

STIs or sexually transmitted infections are the causes of STDs. they cold happened by, bacteria, viruses, or even parasites.

What are the most common STDs?

STDs cover a wide range of infectious diseases, they reach more than 20 diseases, but the most common are:

  1. Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, commonly called AIDS.
  2. Human Papillomavirus (HPV)
  3. Hepatitis A, B, C
  4. Genital Warts/HPV
  5. Genital Herpes
  6. Syphilis
  7. Chancroid
  8. Chlamydia
  9. trichomoniasis

Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome ( AIDS ).

AIDS is a viral infection and, the most known sexually transmitted disease. it is caused by HIV. The human immunodeficiency virus attacks the immune system of our human body leading to severe illness. 


we can’t know for sure if someone is infected or not until he/she gets tested. if you have AIDS don’t worry, if you get the right medication from your physician, you will be able to live a long healthy life.



The second main STDs is syphilis which is caused by the bacteria Treponema pallidum. sexually active people with multiple partners are at higher risk of getting syphilis. primary symptoms of syphilis are, Unfortunately, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed that the cases are increasing each year.

The primary symptoms of Syphilis are, having single or multiple chancer or sore. those sores are firm, round in shape and it gives no pain. the good news is once your physician diagnoses you with both examination and blood test, a prescribed dose of antibiotic can treat you.

How to protect yourself from getting infected? 

To avoid getting infected we recommend you to:

  • Ask your partner if he/she noticed any unfamiliar symptoms lately.
  • Avoid sexual activity with multiple partners.
  • have a regular checkup.
  • Always go for safer sex precautions as candom.
  • Ask your doctor for the best vaccination plan, vaccinations are available for viral STIs such as hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and a few types of HPV.

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