Headache causes types symptoms treatment

Headaches, causes, types, symptoms, and treatment we are best, is one of the headache types that appears in your head and face. This is due to tension and hormonal disturbance. Headaches may be migrants or on two sides.

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Headache causes types symptoms treatment

What is a Headache?

Headaches, causes, types, symptoms, and treatment we are best ,It is a pain in the head that may be on one side that is called migraines. Or may be on two sides. It is most common that many people are  exposed.

The type of headache varies according to the cause of it. It’s various also according to its site on the head.

The pain includes skin, nose, eye structure, ears, neck and mandibular jaw.

What are Headache types and causes?

Headache types are related to its region and its symptoms. The doctor can determine the cause of the headache from its symptoms. 

Most types of headache are not serious. It’s only due to life stress and environmental conditions not requiring emergency care. 

There are some factors lead to headache types such as:

1- Environmental such as:

  • Weather.
  • Wind with dust.

2- Emotional headache such as:

3- Medical headache such as:

  • High blood pressure. 
  • Migraines. 

There are some other factors cause headache such as:

  • Alcohol.
  • Food specially contains nitrate.
  • Nicotine
  • Lake is sleeping or changing. 
  • Physical activity. 
  • Hungry 
  • Nasal discharge, coughing and sneezing. 

Headache causes is the main point to classify headache. 

Headache types and causes 


1- primary headache types 


The most common cause of headache in this type is trouble in sensitive structures in your head. It’s not related to chronic or dangerous diseases. 

This may be some troubles in blood vessels around your skull. Or may be  troubles in the muscles around your neck.

This type of primary headache include:

● Cluster 

● Migraines 

Migraines with aura

● Tension 

● Headache due to overuse medical 

● Daily headache 

● Cluster 


Cluster is known as pain around the eyes or behind it in one side of the face. This may transmit to any other parts of the face. It is one of the headache types that occurs several times per day.

 It takes from three minutes to 15 minutes. There are no symptoms that appear in a person who has Cluster.

● Migraines 


Migraines is a Headache that usually affects one side of the head. It affects nearly 16% of the general population in the United States. 

Throbbing and pulsating pain are related to migraines. 

Symptoms that appear on a person who has a migraine headache. 

  • Headache from light.
  • Disturbance in vision.
  • Maybe nausea and vomiting. 


Migraine episodes persist from four hours to four days. It is one of the headache types that occurs when there is no treatment. 

● Tension 


It is the most common type of headache that affects a high percentage of people. It is caused due to muscle contraction, especially neck muscle, jaw muscle and face muscle.

Tension is one of the headache types that is related to stress. 

Symptoms that appear on person who has tension headache

  • Pain on both sides of the neck.
  • Pain on both sides of the head.
  • The pain extended from the head to the neck. 

Tension headaches usually persist from hours to days. It is considered an acute state but if it persists more than 15 days per month for 3 months it is considered chronic. 

● Headache due to overuse medical


This type of headache occurs due to taking a type of medication to treat headache for a long time.

Such as morphine and codeine. This may lead to migraine headaches. It is one of the headache types that Its episodes Increase and extend more than migraines. 

It has become more serious. 

Symptoms that appear on person who has headache due to overuse medical

  • Pain in your neck.
  • Discomfort.
  • Nasal congestion.
  • Decrease in sleeping. 

This headache differs from one person to another in its severity, frequency and location. It occurs daily, especially after waking up. 

● Daily headache 


It’s a headache with no causes. Start suddenly and don’t stop. It does not respond to the same medicine every time.

Most of its forms are difficult to treat. It is one of the headache types that is not very dangerous but may be from moderate to severe.

Symptoms that appear on a person who has this headache type.

  • Disturbance in routine activities and life.
  • You feel pain on both sides.
  • You feel as if someone is tightening your head.

This type persists for at least three months.

2- Secondary headache types

We can classify this medical condition into two categories.

■ Not dangerous conditions 

This type not dangerous and respond to treat such as 

● Sinuses headache.

● Dehydration headache.

■ Serious life-threatening condition 

This type is very dangerous such as

● Spinal headache. 

● Thunderclap headache 

The secondary headache is considered a sign of condition.

● Sinuses headache 

It’s astigmatism of sinus infection. This is one of the headache types where the  patient or the infected person feels pain and pressure on his face and head.

Especially around his eyes and nose. The Sinuses headache increases when you have a cold or allergies. 

Symptoms that appear on a person who has Sinuses headache. 

  • Forehead 
  • Nasal discharge 
  • Fever
  • Mucus discharge which is green in color.
  • Feeling pain or fullness on the ear.

● Dehydration headache 

It occurs when you become very thirsty.  There is no fluid inYour body and you need more fluid.

It appears to be one of the headache types. There are some symptoms that appear during this state and disappear after drinking plenty of water. 

Symptoms that appear on a person who has Dehydration headache. 

  • Dry in mouth.
  • Dizziness 
  • Fatigue 

If you drink plenty of water or treat it with home remedies you will be normal. 

● Spinal headache 

This pain comes from leakage of cerebrospinal fluid. That surrounds the brain and Spinal cord.

This occurs due to Spinal tap during epidural anesthesia or taking samples from cerebrospinal fluid.

This headache extended from a few hours to days. The patient is better when resting and laying down. 

Sometimes this case is more dangerous and leads to rupture in the Spinal cyst. That led to fractures in the skull.

Symptoms that appear on a person who has Spinal headache. 

  • Headaches that increase while standing.
  • Neck pain and stiffness. 
  • Headaches start from the front or back of the head.
  • The pain worsens during sneezing and coughing.

● Thunderclap headache 

Sudden severe painful headache. People who suffer from thunderclap headaches describe their feeling that it is different from any other headache type.

It may be without cause but sometimes it occurs as a result of a serious problem.

The problem may be dangerous diseases such as bleeding in the brain or around it.

Symptoms that appear on a person who has Thunderclap headache. 

  • Weakness and fatigue.
  • Problems in speech.
  • Nausea.
  • Maybe vomiting. 
  • Vision problems.
  • Confusion.

Headache types diagnosis

It depend on some factors such as:

1- patient description 

You should description every thing about your pain as

  • Characterize your pain

If It is sharp or dull. If it is constant or pulse.

  • Pain intensity

The severity of your headache types. If you can work during a headache or you can’t. If you can sleep during a headache or you can’t. 

  • Location of the pain

Tell your skilled doctor at the Family Urgent Care and Primary Care Clinic in both Woodhaven and Walled Lake where the site of the pain is to know the headache types. If the pain is on one side of the head or on two sides. 

If the pain is in your forehead or in your back side. If the pain originates from the head towards the neck or on head only.

2- Imaging tests


The doctor does imaging tests to know the headache types. If there are any symptoms that may be dangerous such as tumor or complications headache.

There are two types of imaging tests:


It’s arcane by radio waves that produce a clear image to enable the doctor to determine headache types.

B- CT Computerized Tomography 


It is an x-ray scan that provides the doctor with a different direction of view of your brain.

Headache types treatment 


■ Rest and medicine for relief of pain are very good in headache treatment. The medicine for pain relief is the first aid of treatment. 

You can use analgesic medicine such as ibuprofen and aspirin. 

■ For migraines that are frequent and severe headache you are treated with Triptan. Drugs for high pressure may also treat migraines. 

■ Surgery is recommended for treating the underlying causes of secondary headache types.

How do you know if your headache is serious?


If your headache is last for more than 24 hours and these signs appear on you such as

  •  balance loss.
  • Un regular movement of your arms and legs.
  • Vision problems.
  • Troubles in speech.

What is too long for a headache?

It lasts between 4 hours to more than 15 days. It may be extended to three months.

What gets rid of a headache fast?


Use home remedies for headache types such as:

  • Cold pack.
  • Heating pack.
  • Ease pressure on your head.
  • Keep your hydration.
  • Relaxation. 
  • Any analgesic.

When should I go to the hospital with a headache?

You should go to hospital immediately if you have paralysis on one or two arms. Or have paralysis on one side of your face.

If there is a problem in speech and severe pain.

How can I prevent headache types?


  • Sleep for an adequate period. 
  • Stay hydrated. 
  • Getting balanced meals.
  • Prevent stress and stay relaxed.



Headache Types are various according to causes or may be a sign of medical condition. You can treat yourself with home remedies but if there are dangerous symptoms you should go to hospital.


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