Family urgent care is the best place  for providing highly medical care for injuries and illness. It is characterized by trained and experienced nursing care.

Why should you choose Family urgent care?

● They are very friendly and receive the patients with open arms. 

● They have flexibility in treatment and examination. 

● They offer high quality medical care all the time. 

● They have Highly-qualified urgent care with about 20 years of experience.

● They are open and available all time all over the year. 

● It is located in the Bowling Green area that collects between quietness and relaxation. 

● They provide many services to the patients.

What are Family urgent care services?

They provide the biggest services for facilities the treatment of non life threatening injuries and illness. 

There is a list of services that are available in the urgent care. 

■ Treatment of injuries 

Family urgent care can provide treatment for minor injuries that includes sprains, minor lacerations and simple fractures. They are being very careful for treating these minor injuries and preventing infection transmission. 

■ Treatment of animal’s bites 

The animal bite has become more serious than before. If you are exposed to animal bites you should go rapidly to the Family urgent care center.

 There they are careful and know how to treat it.They put the human who bites the animal under observation until the wound heals and its symptoms disappear.

■ Treatment of sports injuries 

They provide treatment for minor injuries from sports and take care of them until they become healthy again and join their team.

■ Treatment of asthma attacks

Asthma attacks known as difficulty breathing and wheezing are caused due to inflammation in bronchial tubes.

If these symptoms appear you should go to Family urgent care to take medical care and control symptoms from reappearance. 

■ Treatment of flu and common cold

Common cold and flu are common diseases that are caused due to weather conditions, viruses and bacteria.

When you are exposed  to these diseases and their symptoms appear, you should go rapidly to the Family urgent care  center.Mainly if you suffer from low immunity.

Symptoms of common cold are sneezing, closing in nasal passage, nasal discharge and eye discharge. 

■ Treatment of sore throat or septic throat 

If you or some one of your family suffers from difficulty breathing, difficulty swallowing and drooling you should go to Family urgent care immediately. 

It’s also called pharyngitis and it can be treated easily by fast medicine. 

■ Treatment of allergies 

Allergic reaction caused by many causes such as insect bites, wasp bites, bee sting and drug problems. 

If you are exposed to any allergic reaction and symptoms appear on you as itching, mild swelling and pain. It is called a mild allergic reaction and don’t worry about it. 

But if the symptoms that appear are difficult breathing, pulse increases, swelling in lips, tongue, throat or eye led, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. 

You should go rapidly to Family urgent care as it is a severe allergic reaction and will threaten your life.

■ Treatment of earache 

Earache or ear infection are common diseases that infect adults and children, mainly children under five years old. 

Earache known as pain affects one ear or two ears that can take many forms from sharp to burning. 

It may occur at any time during work or during weekends so you will not spend time waiting for the doctor to return. Only when an earache occurs you can go to Family urgent care as they open year round, seven days per week. 

Earache is very irritable and can’t stand mainly if it is severe pain from severe infection. 

■ Treatment of migraines 

It is one form of the headache that affects one side of the head.

It is caused due to many factors such as exposure to sound or light. This form of headache is serious and you shouldn’t be careless.

It is important to treat migraines with a professional trained team that you will find when you go to Family urgent care. 

■ Treatment of STDs 

Sexually transmitted disease or sexually transmitted infection. It is transmitted from one person to another through vaginally, anal and oral sex.

It is very common in the United States. Every year there are about one million infections occurring.

There are no symptoms of STD although you may be infected. The best diagnosis for it is an STD test.

So if you are infected you should go to Family urgent care to be treated.

■ Treatment of urinary tract infection (UTI)

Urinary tract infection is a disease that infects any part of the urinary system including kidneys, ureter, urinary bladder and urethra. 

The female is infected by UIT more than male. There are many symptoms appear when you infected with urinary tract infection as:

If you find any of these symptoms appear you should go to Family urgent care as fast as possible. 

  1. Burning during urination.
  2. Go to urinate more time with little amount of urine.
  3. Urine appears cloudy.
  4. Urine color may be red or pink.
  5. Blood in urine.
  6. Strong smelling odor of urine. 
  7. In women especially there is pelvic pain.

■ lab and X-Ray services

Family urgent care also offers an important service. They don’t depend on symptoms only to diagnose the disease they also have lab and x-ray service. 

They do fast and efficient lab tests and x-ray. You will receive this service at a good price.

How do you contact Family urgent care?

If you would like to know more about the urgent care services, please call them at

PHONE : +12484386600


Where do you find Family urgent care?

Where is its location?

Address : 1340 commerce Rd walled lake 48390

Working hours: 

Monday – Friday: 8:00 Am – 9:00 Pm

Saturday – Sunday : 8:00 Am – 6:00 Pm

Emergency 24 hours. 

Family Urgent Care reviews 

● Sara said that there is integrated work and expert doctors and I loved dealing with them. 

● John  said that he treated my children with them and their services were high and he took the vaccine against viruses for him and his family. 

Does family urgent care do x-ray?

Does urgent care do ultrasound?

Yes, they have lab and x-ray service. They are a very friendly and experienced nursing and doctors team.


Be comfortable and don’t worry about any symptoms that may appear on you related to these diseases that threaten non life or any minor injuries. Just go to Family urgent care to receive highly medical care.

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