World Smile Day

Celebrate World Smile Day with the Best Primary Care Doctors Near Me in Woodhaven and Walled Lake ‍    What is World Smile Day?   World Smile Day is an annual event celebrated on the first Friday of October. It was created by Harvey Ball, the artist who designed the iconic smiley face. The purpose […]

World Lung Day

The 25th of September is world lung day. Many diseases can affect lung capacity and lower the quality of life! On World Lung Day, FamilyUrgent and Primary Care Clinicsin Woodhaven and Walled LakeMichigan, would like to offer someadvice to people regarding lunghealth:1. Quit smoking: Cigarette smokingis a major cause of lung diseases such as chronic […]

STDs are treatable, get tested to stay safe!

 sexually transmitted diseases. They are caused by the transmission of infection from one to another. STDs are mostly transmitted by sexual contact like vaginal, oral, anal, or even intimate physical touching in some STDs.   We refer to sexually transmitted diseases as STDs or venereal diseases. As I mentioned above they can transmit by intercourse, […]

Headache Pain Pills

The 6 most famous pain relievers for headaches .. this is the best of them Headaches are one of the most common problems that trouble their owners and cause them to be stressed and in a bad mood because of the pain it causes. What is its cause, and how can it be treated? Dr. […]

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