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Headache Pain Pills

The 6 most famous pain relievers for headaches .. this is the best of them

Headaches are one of the most common problems that trouble their owners and cause them to be stressed and in a bad mood because of the pain it causes. What is its cause, and how can it be treated?

Dr. Saher Hashem, Professor of Neurology at Al-Qasr Al-Ainy confirmed that headache is not a disease, but rather a presentation of all the problems and changes that affect the body, starting from being hit by a hard board until the infection of tumors. Dr. Ahmed Kamel, Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery at Al-Qasr Al-Ainy, agreed with him, explaining that 98% of headaches are not related to brain problems.

Causes of headache
Dental problems.

vision problems.

Sinus problems.

Problems with the vertebrae and neck muscles.

Spinal problems. Bone problems. stomach pain.

 Hypertension. Reduction of Blood pressure.

blood sugar disorders; exposure to sunstroke Extreme cold.

Colds. Lack of sleep and fatigue.

A strong blow to the head.

stress and anxiety Hormonal changes associated with the menstrual cycle or pregnancy.

Most popular headache reliever

As for relieving headache pain, which causes the patient to feel very tired and affects his performance and production, the professor of neurosurgery referred to some analgesics that relieve headache pain temporarily, the most important of which are:

Paracetamol is a safe analgesic and its side effects are minor, compared to other medicines.



There are also some medicines that contain non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and pain relievers, but they have a strong effect on the stomach and affect it, including:



He referred to a new group of anti-inflammatory, cortisone-free, and significantly safer for the stomach, namely:


Disadvantages of overeating
But Kamel stressed that these painkillers reduce pain for a temporary period and do not treat it, so he stressed the importance of consulting a doctor in case the headache persists for a long time.


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